Freepbx and asterisk (config settings) not removed

As per title, when one removes FreePBX via software centre, the config settings are still present AND still in effect (config show asterisk).

I would expect the config would at least disable the asterisk configuration to preserve some settings, but I would prefer complete removal of the asterisk configuration.

I could be wrong?

It’s more about distro philosophy rather than package management. Remove a package or purge it are different commands for many linux flavours, therefore remove and reinstall packages could be a good way to clear packages problem and dependency issues.

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Maybe I am missing something, but when I remove the Voip package via software center, asterisk is still installed and can be started with ‘asterisk -vvvv’.

Am I wrong in thinking that asterisk should be removed when uninstalling the Voip package and config settings (asterisk and httpd-fpbx) should be disabled so the service is not started and ports are closed?

A bit confused.

Asterisk is not removed, as long as all its dependencies: the remove button removes only the package which configures the system. When the package has been removed, the services are stopped and port are closed.
To remove everything you need to use yum undo.

Thanks, that was my initial question. I believe that the service is NOT removed and the ports are NOT closed when one removes the package via software center.

I can handle the manual stuff, but I am curious if you are aware of this ‘bug’ if at all a bug? Could you test it on a new machine please?

In fact the event runlevel-adjust looks after /etc/e-smith/db/configuration/default/ServiceName/Status, this file is provided by the rpm itself (lets say nethserver-ServiceName), if the status file is not present on the system, then it is because the nethserver-ServiceName has been removed and thus the event runlevel-adjust takes care to stop and disable the service in systemd.

the port are opened/closed with the event firewall-adjust

At the end of the yum process, the event runlevel-adjust and firewall-adjust are launched


But if it is a “passive” service like a (PHP) webapp there is no service systemd can disable nor a port to be closed by the firewall.
Never installed FreePBX and can not judge if, parts of it, are affected by this;
At least one package known to have this behavior is nethserver-roundcubemail.

If asterisk is running and tcp ports are open after nethserver-freepbx removal, it’s a bug.
But if the package follow NethSevers standards, everything should work out of the box.
@Stll0 could you confirm the package has a good behavior?

Yes, this is right in case of FreePBX because files are installed, but not owned, by the rpm (Freepbx sucks on this).