Folder Apache HTTP Server Test Page and httpd conf

Where is the main page folder to replace the “Apache HTTP Server Test Page” display and place httpd conf to direct the main page to the folder we want?

You can put a custom welcome page (or an empty one, or a redirection) at /var/www/html/.

I mean if I write ip in the browser then the entry to the welcome page that we have created but by default nethserver directs to the “apache http web page” page they make. I don’t know which apache http web page they are in which folder?

Default NethServer Welcome page is located at /usr/share/httpd/noindex/nethserver_index.html.
It is only shown for web paths that don’t have its own index page (not serving content).
If an index.html (or similar index file) is present on /var/www/html then you’ll see the new index.html page.

There’s also a webserver module with virtual hosts, ftp and alike to enable additional options.


Thank you for the information