First time use NethServer, many questions

This is my first experience with Linux server, this I am sorry for stupid questions
Can I make a shared address book for all users if ThunderBird mail client is using the IMAP protocol
How to make a daily full BackUp Server on the iSCSI LUN (iSCSI Target)
How to disable a time server? Server in a virtual machine HYPER-V and if it does not switch off then there is no backup system.
How to manually edit the spam (black) list, white list, gray list?
How to restrict SSH password guessing by the number of times (5 times) with the lock for 10-15 minutes?
Excuse my English, I use Google translator
Thank you!

Это мой первый опыт работы с сервером линукс, по этому прошу прощения за глупые вопросы
Можно ли сделать общую адресную книгу для всех пользователей, если почтовым клиентом будет ThunderBird используя протокол IMAP
Как сделать ежедневный полный BackUp сервера на iSCSI LUN
Как сделать выключение сервера по времени? Сервер на виртуальной машине HYPER-V и если его не выключать то не происходит резервное копирование системы, или оно происходит с ошибкой.
Как вручную редактировать спам(черный) лист, белый лист, серый лист?
Как ограничить подбор пароля по SSH количеством раз(5 раз) с блокировкой на 10-15 минут?
Простите мой Английский, пользуюсь переводчиком Google.

I received a certificate for your website, how to install it instead of the self-released

Yes you can install sogo at nethserver and the sogo addon for thunderbird. But which version of nethserver you’ve installed?

At the point server-certificate you can upload your one.

Can be done with the nethserver-fail2ban module, maintained by the community (thanks to @stephdl).
Take a look at

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with 6.8 you can still install sogo without problems from software-center. For sogo-users you can bind to a remote active directory or you can install samba or ldap from software center.

no upload certificate button
I’m ready to do it through the console, but do not know where to look and what to change, I have 1_root_bundle.crt 2_my.domain.crt for ApacheServer and for NginxServer

How to manually edit the spam (black) list, white list, gray list?
I installed the MC for convenience, tell me where to look for files in the system for editing spam lists (white black gray)

For your certificate please look at this thread


You are welcome.
Do you mean url filter lists for a proxy? Than have a look at this thread
Working with templates is described at the Documentation
If you have questions to this feel free to ask.

no proxy
need email spam lists
email - Filter (Help: Antispam Enable antispam scanning of incoming emails.)
example: block emails from mask - *.cn
Accept emails from mask - * / *
block emails from ip
Block email from
accept email from
and also 150-200 rules(addreses) from old mail server (exchange 2003)

ни когда не пользовался hyperv
стоит NS 6.8 на proxmox
там настроено резервное копирование в режиме stop
т.е. в гостевую ОС посылается сигнал ACPI для корректного завершения работы
и после этого запускается резервное копирование
возможно в hyperv есть что то подобное
или задание в крон добавить для завершения работы по расписанию

Hi Andy,
please translate it to english, that every body can read it.

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i not used hyperv
NS 6.8 is on proxmox
there is set up backup mode stop
in the guest operating system ACPI signal is sent to safely shut down
and then starts the backup
hyperv possible to have something like
or add a cron job to shutdown

Thanks for your fast answer

Have a look at this thread
You have to build a custom template 70wbl in /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/amavisd/amavisd.conf
You can copy it from /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/amavisd/amavisd.conf and change the setting.

Thank you!

If you click on the globe icon the message will be translated. Although not perfect, it should be understandable.

Thanks, learning never stops :wink: