First login on Aws ec2


NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: nethserver

Good morning,
I state that I am a hobbyist,
I registered for AWS and created an ec2 machine with centos 7.
I connected with the machine created via SSH (with AWS certificate) and installed NethServer.
I can connect to the login page but even if I enter, as per user : root and Pw: Nethesis,1234 I cannot log in. On the machine created I log in as a generic Centos user and do not have a password for the root user.
How can I proceed?

Thank you very much


welcome to NethServer Community,

I don’t use AWS but maybe it’s possible to change the root password on CLI:

sudo passwd root

Here’s a Howto about AWS EC2:

Thank you very much.
now i can connect to the console manager of Nethserver

You’re welcome.

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