Firewall - time based access for host groups

Can you play the video? Here I have access to the page itself, but can’t play the video. Blackscreen with rotating white circle.

Try to block something else like facebook, so you can evaluate if blocking doesn’t work at all or only youtube isn’t blocked.

To block youtube seems to be tricky.

Yes I can.

I tried it with

  1. new custom category with one domain name:
  2. new profile: MacPro should be blocked

    result: full access to

irritating context menue - probably a bug related to cockpit :

What: should be: heise-block
Category should be: heise

Thank you for your support.

Edit1: instead the access to my Router( RED/ is now blocked: If I delete the heise-block Profile I have access again.

Context menu is irritating indeed. Why youtube?
What happens if you add to the global blacklist?

I don’t know. Probably a bug.

no success - have full access (Cache cleared before!)
I’m still installing a new Nethserver onto an other server…

Continued after reinstallation here:Experience with fresh Nethserver-Installation