Firewall Rules - No Logging selection box in Cockpit when Creating Rule


I spun up a Nethserver VM to play with this morning and noticed that when creating a new firewall rule in Nethserver the “Log” selection box is not displayed. The only way for me to access the “Log” selection box is first to create the rule, then edit the same rule after the initial rule as been created. Very minor; almost completely cosmetic but there is an additional step. Using Firefox as my browser.

Thank you for your time.

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Thanks for reporting @royceb, this is definitely a UI bug.

Nice catch!

Thanks for reporting @royceb

The fix is in testing if you want to test it:


Updates and verified to show on new rule creation. Thank you.

Going forward, is there a better way for me to submit stuff like this?

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You did everything good :wink:

The usual process is something like this:

  • the reporter opens a thread in the forum inside the category bug
  • a developer analyze it
  • if the bug is not confirmed, the thread usually is moved inside the support category
  • if the bug is confirmed, the developer opens the issue and report back into the thread
  • the reporter of the bug is invited to test the fix and report back into the thread, or directly inside the issue tracker
  • the thread is marked as solved

You can find more context here.