Firewall Blocking IPs

It has been a long time since I have been on the community site. I have created a list of IPs that I want to have access to the net and a list I dont.
But I am noticing some of the IPs I put in the REJECT list are going into the net. I am to block them from the GREEN or RED

Are they using a transparent proxy? You should block them here and configure correctly the content filter or proxy

Ok, back to this question… Please look at the config and tell me if I am missing a step. I have tried to set it up that IPs from 1 - 80 are allowed to browse and IPs from 81 - 254 not. I still get IPs above 80 browsing. How do I stop them? I am using Transparent Proxy

My Friend @Lewis specifically which is what, can not do your settings?

@lewis I recommend the following:

1 - Use proxy authenticated
2 - Firewall Rules

Not use both at once.

If you’re using firewall rules, you should take into consideration that will be manual locks and you must also create the services you’ll stop

Follow these steps:

1 disables the proxy
2 creates objects in the firewall (Host, CIDR, Services)
3 creates the necessary rules


This should work.

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