Filled the drive

Rookie mistake, I was transferring backup files to the machine when I filled it to capacity by mistake.
The device should have been fully up to date as of about 2 weeks ago, it is mostly used as a file server and is part of a Windoze 2012 R2 domain. The box still responds to a ping, but not the web interface. I’ll be able to sit at the server tomorrow, I haven’t done anything else to it today.
Maybe somebody has run into this before, any basic suggestions to try?

Hi @kurtes25 ,

I have encountered the same situation a few days ago.
I was able to access the NS through WinSCP and I made some space removing some old backups.

Try SSH and/or SCP.
Good luck!


Thanks, I’ll try that out tonight or tomorrow and let you know!

Thanks for the advice! I have free space again and the dashboard popped right up when I hit refresh.
Thanks again!

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Hi Kurt,

Glad to hear that you made it!
We are here to help each other!

Best regards,

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