File system hierarchy

Just curious what file system hierarchy nethserver uses. I have a dell 2905 and I don’t remember the exact specs on the hard drives but I have four setup in a raid 0 and they total about 1700 GB and two setup in raid 0 and they total about 270 GB. When I went thru the install I put / on the two 270GB drives, /boot, swap, and /var on the 1700GB cluster. The reason for doing this was I assumed that owncloud (or now nextcloud) would go under /var/www/somewhere-in-here and that is where I want the majority of my available free space. I shouldn’t need additional space for anything else once it’s setup and configured properly right? Or is there something I’m overlooking?


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May I STRONGLY suggest to get rid of the raid0 since you will loose all your data when 1 of the disks fail.
You can configure partitions in any way you want when using the advanced install option.

I would use a raid5 or 6 for your data (depending on what risk you are willing to take) and raid1 for /

It’s just for testing ATM, it’s not a production server yet. I’ll probably reconfigure the drives to raid 1. I’ve got two that are 150 I think and 4 that are 500 I think.

My goals for this was:
Ability to segment network traffic, 1 for public and 1 for business use
Have bandwidth throttling capability for the public segment
Replace our Dropbox account to gain space and security

I would also like to move our website to being served in house, we don’t get a lot of traffic and I think our up is sufficient for it. They use a Juno account for email but I would really like them to migrate off of that however I don’t think that will happen. Ideally I will have to sap drives around so I can setup /boot and / on the smaller pair of drives. The way it’s configured now the cluster of 4 is set for the boot drives

NethServer is based on CentOS, so it inherits the FHS structure. We try to keep all data under /var. I think the same applies when ownCloud/nextCloud is installed (@giacomo, @alep).

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Thanks Dave, I was going to assume that all web server related stuff would fall under /var but assuming nextcloud would use account created under nethserver bit me. As long as only web related data needs room to grow I should be safe with my plan then.

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