File sharing: How to configure a second interface?

NethServer Version: 7.3
Module: nsdc

Hello guys,

I have a server with 3 network cards. A network interface set up a br0 bridge for the NSDC. The NSDC is active. The other two network interface configured the bound0 for file sharing. The NSDC utilizes the IP address of the bridge to share the files. But I want to use the bound0 interface to share files.

On the br0 interface I have the IP address and the bound0 interface the IP address

On a Windows PC if I type β€œ\ \” shows the shared folders but its type β€œ\ \” shows a network error message that Windows cannot access. I can ping and access the NS via the Web using the IP address of bond0.

How can I associate the IP address of the bound0 in file sharing:?

You probably hit this bug:

Could you please try to install the package from testing?


@Paulo_Barbosa did you try? Do you need some help?

Hello guys,

Thank you for your help! With the update of the package (nethserver-samba-2.0.8-1.ns7.noarch.rpm) I can access the share by any interface. It’s OK.

Thank you!