Few question about trusted networks and static routes


I was thinking about the left menu, and how to reorganize it… and I was half stuck with two items:

  • Trusted Networks
  • Static routes.

What are exactly theses two items?
What are doing exactly trusted network? Why the trusted network is not automatically set when assigning a green interface?

And with this kind of reflexion, I was thinking "why a route is not see as a firewall object?"
A route is a Subnet range accessible by “this” router ip adress via “this” interface.

Finally, is a way to simplify could be to create a route like create a Firewall object? in the firewall object tab?

What do you think about this?

I agree with the trusted network thought.

But the static routes are completely different than firewall objects. Routing instructs packets on how to get from one segment to another while firewalls allow/deny packets to get through.

A route can be seen as a CIDR to open , but yes it’s a little more than this :smiley:

The common use case is a connection with a remote network (for example thorugh a VPN) and the aim to open NethServer services for such network

So It’s a feature for the VPN… Interesting

Can we have more information about the Nethserver services to open?