Feedback on New OpenVPN tunnels


(Michael Kicks) #21

Proof of concept, more than effective needs…

Assuming Green Lan 1, and Lan2

Assuming than Lan2 needs only few services on LAN1, just like an FTP Server, a DB server, a Printer server and an Application Server, which are on different IP addresses on Lan1.

With NAT on OpenVPN, i could use only 1 IP address for allow access to all that services on Lan1 with port forwarding from OpenVPN adapter (for instance
Without NAT, i should use specific firewall rules for allowing services/ports to the Ip addresses located on Lan1, and configure clients to “look for” the services and the IP addreses on Lan1.

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #22

If Lan1 and Lan2 are connected via OpenVPN and both servers are NethServer, you don’t need to do anything: clients from Lan1 can already access services of Lan2.

Otherwise you could create a port forward which allows the entire VPN network.

(Michael Kicks) #23

With a couple of boxes i just had a taste of OpenVPN Tunnels.
Holy kamoly!
Works like a charm. The fastest experience of create VPN Tunnel, i am really astonished.

I had a little plug/unplug test of the RJ45 connector on the client red interface. Two seconds after plug back the connector i had a ping back from a device on the other side of the tunnel.
Again: astonished.

A big thumb up for @dev_team and @giacomo