Failuremessage after pulledpork update

NethServer Version: NS6.8
Module: IPS / pulledpork

On 30.09.2016 I did a update. Amongst others pulledpork were updated

Since then I get a messages from cron deamon every day:

/bin/sh: /usr/bin/ No such file or directory

Where has it gone??
Installed version of pulledpork is 0.7.2-1.

EDIT: file now is usr/bin/pulledpork without .pl and the entry in cron.d is still
Who is generating this entry? nethserver-package or pulledprok-package?

2nd EDIT: I found that /etc/snort/pulledpork.conf is missing an did a expand-template.
But the only success is, that I now get a error 500

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This is a known upstream bug:

I think I will close it as wontfix next days :smiling_imp:


Thanks a lot @giacomo workaround works. Fly Piggi Fly!! It flies again.:grin: