Fail2Ban prevents the login to Nextcloud

Just FYI, I’ve experienced problems with the Nextcloud app on Android which triggered fail2ban. I removed and reinstalled it from the google play store.

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When I get home I’ll post but I also remember that it was not the nextcloud-auth that fail2ban was reporting but I think an apache module. After I can reproduce consistently I will post the results/log files here.

ok it is probably two things different, lastly I had some trouble for a wordpress template, it was making some logs warning

Done, but the problem is the same like before.

check the internet with this, you will find some hints

this one is probably related, except it was with windows

I have no problems to synchronize my windows 10 enterprise clients with nextcloud via LAN or WLAN. I have problems to synchronize iPhone and iPad within my WLAN and from outside via Mobil Data Access.



apple suck, find a webdav client workable on osx


Besides Linux. Apple iOS since Version 5S, 6S and now 11Pro running and synching with all Nextcloud Versions since then. All with native CalDAV and CrdDAV on iOS.

Windows & Android no way! Both need 3rd Party clients anyway!

If your NethServer with Nextcloud, SSL & DNS are correct, iOS will sync without problems, using WLan or LTE (4G). DNS must be internal and external correct.

Don’t blame a well working CalDAV & CrdDAV client if server setup isn’t working correctly…

My 2 cents

not expert on IOS, but there is some hints

Do you find errors like this one?

AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /usr/share/nextcloud/config

Servus Andy,

the problem is the Nextcloud App from the Apple App Store. I have installed the latest Version of them on my iPhone and also on my iPad. In my local LAN / WLAN i have no problems to synchronize with the Nextcloud on my Nethserver. When i need access from outside of my local network via LTE the trouble with Fail2Ban is beginning. I now that Fail2Ban is not guilty for the problem.




Hallo Uwe

I quite agree That the Nextcloud App can have problems. The adressbook and calendar Sync works very well with Nextcloud, Files with the App Not so!

The App is not from Apple, so they‘re not to blame…

Gruß aus CH!

If you use several languages on a device, autocorrect becomes really crappy…

Problem was solved with the latest update of the Nextcloud App for IOS.

Thanks for the help…