Extra HDD just for ibays?

NethServer Version: 7.4 latest

I would like to use an extra hdd just for ibays /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/. The reason is because I like to use nethserver under proxmox and backup the vm but without userdata (ibays).

In this way I should be able to quick restore the vm under proxmox (2hdds). Userdata are backed up with nehserver via NFS to a NAS…

Any suggestions or other Ideas ?

Why not 1 dir higher in the tree? Then you also have all relevant databases, homedirs, secrets etc…
How many disks do you have for your proxmox server? I think I would choose to let proxmox handle all the volumes (that’s how have done it on my proxmox server anyway)

This is the vm (Nethserver 7.4) config under Proxmox:


This is the no backup option for the bigger disk with the ibays:


With this method I am able to daily backup the vm … In case of a desaster I am able to restore the vm in a quick way.

After the start of the recovered vm I am able to copy the big data (more than 1TB) back to the vm (Nethserver 7.4)… The reason for this is to have a quick way to get the server back and running…

The configuration backup is designed for this: quick restore of the services configuration, get the system up and running.

Then comes the restore of data backup that can run in the background.

I have to notice abt the scenario that the proxmox host, the nethserver (vm) or the Backup-NAS can die…

Most of the time, your scenario’s call for redundacy. If this is a corporate environment, and you need several VM’s, and mayb e even some test VM’s, you should calculate if you can have a triple proxmox setup so you can create a full blown HA proxmox cluster. This has a lot of extra goodies and possibilities for your infrastructure.
As soon you have a proxmox cluster, all your other redundancy problems are solved: NethServer snapshots can be done from proxmox. NethServer config and data can be done as an extra precaution. Backup-NAS can be done with a RAID set of disks. But if you already have your disks in your proxmox servers, you even might not need a separate NAS…