External storage


I plan to install a NethServer 7 server at home on a old Sophos UTM 425 Aplliance. The problem is that I’ll need some storage space and this Appliance is limited to two 2.5’ hdd. I think it’l be sheeper to get a NAS and mount it in Nethserver for fil sharing and nextcloud. What will be the best option for that? ISCSI? Is it possible?


could be a good idea… you’ll have to configure everthing from CLI

Yes it’s possible.
Proceed with a CentOS installation with iSCSI configured, then install nethserver packages.

But I never tried, so no guarantee at all :wink:

OK, will try that when I get the Apliance. Already did some iscsi mounting in linux so it should be fine :wink:
The best should be to find some 2Tb 2.5’ HDD but that’s not easy… at affordable price :smiley:

Hi @ndaneau

Did you find the appliance? have You tested? Knowing your experience would be a great help for those who have your same situation :wink:
Thanks for your time