External Samba Server and Nextcloud

This is the best time to thinking and to hold a discussion.
What we want to have what we need realy …

Everybody how thing the World and the society will be the same ist stupid. We had the cache to build a better one.

Thanks to Italy and everybody sining Bella Taschau …

That ist the spirrit we need :slight_smile:

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Nextcloud with External Storage, work perfect!

Yes thats true :slight_smile:
But i need a long time for understanding
how to config it :slight_smile:
I am seachring in the file menu …
The error message tells that admin had no rigth to config it …
to add e external Server config -> extrernal strage is mutch better

so most of this mistake is sitting dirct beween my ears

:slight_smile: confused time and confused brain …

thx Axel

Actually is very easy, you need to activate plugin in Nextcloud Samba.