Expand-template does not full the complete task

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)
Module: MailServer

I’ve tried to customize postfix, so:

I’ve created a custom-template:


Then, I run:

expand-template /etc/postfix/virtual

Then I restart the service:

systemctl restart postfix

So far everything, but there is one missing thing:

-rw-r–r--. 1 root root 12288 abr 5 19:00 virtual.db
-rw-r–r--. 1 root root 816 abr 5 19:10 virtual

Command expand-template doest not run command postmap, I had to run by hand.

Is a bug? Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

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You’re missing the event:

signal-event nethserver-mail-server-save

It runs (also) postmap