Event post-backup-data: FAIL

NS7 up to date

As per title, how should I best troubleshoot this please? There is no log file, and I executed th command “/sbin/e-smith/backup-data” to test the backup settings. Backup is being done to a webdav share and the Systemname folder is being created, so access is ok.


Hmm, the data is being stored on the remote webdav share, and another run of the backup gives me no errors. But with backups, I rather see NO errors at all, so still trying to find the root cause.

Failed events should be recorded in /var/log/messages. Somewhere in the 10 or 20 lines preceding the post-backup-data failure should be the cause.

Thanks, I did look at various log files, but none of the give a clue. Simply FAILED. I guess I’ll adapt the event fragments and add comments to them to see where the failure happens.

Keep in mind the way events work–they’re composed of actions, and it’s the actions that actually do things (events simply call actions in a specified order). So something like grep -B 30 FAILED /var/log/messages would usually show what action failed and why.

Yep, I understand, hence I will add echo comments to the actions belonging to the post-backup-data event, so I can see which action produces the error.