ESET Remote Administrator and Licence Renewal

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: Firewall I think

Hi All,

I am having an issue when trying to renew ESET licenses using the Eset remote Administrator. The renewal says it fails to contact the server. I have done following to try and solve the problem:

  1. Switched off the Web Filter - Did not let the connection through
  2. Switch off Block Access to web sites using ip addresses - Did not solve the problem.
  3. Put in the global whilelist (as recommended by Eset) - Did not solve the issue
  4. Created a host for eset and placed it in the Host without Proxy List - did not solve the problem.

Has anybody got other suggestions?


This worked for Anydesk. Maybe it’ll help for ESET also.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and added the following to the Domains without Proxy:

This is pretty much every address I could get my hands on from the ESET site.

When I bypass the entire proxy and connect direct to the net, the license loads fine.

Thanks again.

For whom may concern…

Thanks for everyone’s responses. I have managed to solve it and here is the process:

  1. Create a host entry in the firewall for the server that cannot connect to the ESET network.
  2. Create a Filter in the Proxy content Filter and allow access to everything.
  3. Create a profile in Proxy content Filter linking the host server (1) and the allow all (2).

This allows access to the eset servers for licensing etc.
Hope this helps the next person that has an issue.


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