Error Web filter: Lightsquid - /var/lightsquid not contain any valid data

how to fix this error

Hello, i’ve encounter the same problem as you when i tried to set up proxy on a interface different from the GREEN one, in my case it was the BLUE interface.

To solve the issue from ssh you can specify the log file i.e.
/usr/sbin/ -d -y /var/log/squid/access_blue.log

If the interface where the proxy is enable it’s the green, try to just run with the -d to enable the debug and check what file is using to parse the logs:

[root@rt01 ~]# /usr/sbin/ -d
>>> use file :: /var/log/squid/access.log
>>> Make Report 20200210 (1505 - log line parsed)
>>> Make Report 20200211 (1925 - log line parsed)
>>> Make Report 20200212 (3025 - log line parsed)
>>> Make Report 20200213 (4586 - log line parsed)
>>> Make Report 20200214 (3570 - log line parsed)


Not work

Could you please provide some more information, ie. what’s the interface where you configured the proxy ( BLUE / GREEN ) and also run:

Since lightparser, just parse squid logs, what are the avaible logs on your system ?