Error using Nethserver-6.7 ISO in a VM


I want to create a new VM, and use the newly download Nethserver-6.7.iso.
I create the VirtualVachine, with the bridged nic and a new vdi storage. It’s seem ok.

When I start the VM, the first boot load the iso, select the language, set the ip setting, but when try to write on the disk… There’s an error, and the installation is aborted.

Expected feature: Installing NetServer like a charm
Occured Feature: An error occurred when writing the first time on the disk… :confused:

How to reproduce:

  • Create a new VM, with a new storage vdi ( it’s a mandatory), with an existing one .vdi…it’s work!!!
  • Proceed the installation.

Look at your vm logs. Disk full on your pc?

No, I have around 200 Gb free.

I had play a little before open this topic and I don’t find anything about this in the log.

I will flush all the VM and give more information… :mask:

It’s an error partitioning… Not enough free space.
When the storage is 4 Gb, and the HD have around 238 gb free ( on the bottom left corner)

Edit: I would like to add, that with exactly the same configuration, clicking on OK, the VM restart, and making just a Cent OS install… that’s work.


8 GB of disk space

I can accept such answer :grinning:
But, When the storage.vdi already exist with 4 GB… It’s install without complain !!! Tell me why, now :grin:

How many VM’s have you provisioned in VBox? Maybe it’s reserved diskspace that is haunting you.

I had setting up 5 VM, but not at the same time.
When I supress a VM, I suppress all the files too.

It’s the first time I’m using the Nethserver ISO… I’m used to setup minimal CentOS and NEthServer above…

Edit @filippo_carletti, No I’ve got 237 Gb free yet.

When I go back at home, I will play around this installation :neutral_face:

Your screenshot shows a fine complaint, that you’ve given the iso 4GB to work with and according to Filippo’s link to the docs the minimum is 8GB.

You keep bringing up the total disk space of your host, which in this discussion, isn’t relevant.

You can either increase the size of the vm’s disk by using the virtualbox tools or delete the 4GB and create one greater than 8GB.

Thank you @fasttech, I adjust the size… Even putting “dynamically sized”

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