Enabling Mail app in Nextcloud

Not sure where to put this - hope it is useful to someone :smiley:

If you download and install the Mail app for Nextcloud - an experimental app not included in the Nethserver modules install - and you have problems reading email bodies, this may be the cause.

In the browser console, you’ll get a message saying something about loading files from http://yourserver/… violating the content security policy. If you log out of nextcloud, and add

'overwriteprotocol' => 'https',

to the nextcloud/config/config.php file, it seems to solve the problem.

I could not see where the content security policy was being set, though. And this is better than relaxing the security policy anyway :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this, I installed it some weeks ago and looks an interesting project, maybe still a little green but with some pretty good ideas.

Some other things I have figured out about NextCloud. My old server served NextCloud from cloud.domain.name. Nethserver installs NextCloud in server.domain.name/nextcloud.

I don’t know if this is the best way to get it running on cloud.etc, but it works for me :slight_smile:

Go to /var/lib/nethserver/vhosts/
Move or deleter the /var/lib/nethserver/vhosts/cloud directory
Add a system link from /var/lib/netherver/vhosts/cloud to /var/www/html/nextcloud
Add a custom template at /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/httpd/vhost-extra/30directory20options
Add the following to it:

Options None
Options +Indexes
Options +Includes
$OUT .= "       Options +FollowSymLinks\n" if ($VhostName eq 'cloud');

Expand the template

expand-template /etc/httpd/conf.d/virtualhosts.conf

You might need to be root to do that.

If you want to upgrade to NextCloud 11, you’ll need to upgrade PHP to 5.6. I did this using nethserver-php-scl (See here), although I haven’t upgraded. I needed PHP 5.6 for something else.

If you do upgrade to php56, and you want to mount samba shares as external shares, you’ll need to set the site default PHP to php56, and the vhost to use the Default php see comments in the post linked to above. There may be another solution.)

Now I just need to work out how to change the title of this thread :slight_smile:


Back last year, I had a look at the range of mail modules for owncloud / nextcloud (including this mail app, Rainloop and the roundcube integration module).

Due to my need for PGP certifications and user controled filters, I decided to integrate roundcube mail into owncloud and am now intending to the same with nextcloud (which will be replacing the exisiting owncloud installation).

Sure, it is a bit more of a challenge to install and use roundcube with next / owncloud (compaired to using either the recommended mail interface or rainloop) but due to the maturity of both the extension and roundcube (again, compared to the alternative exensions), I beleive that the extra steps to integrate roundcube with nextcloud is well worth the time and effort.

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