Email Vacation Message easy module required

Coming from SME9, the only thing stopping me moving onto Nethserver is the lack of an easy way to activate the mail vacation message.

I understand it is doable by using SOGo, but it is really not practical, having to go within SOGo to Settings / Mails / Vacation. It is long winded and ideally, I would like to see a NethServer addon like the straight forward SME one (
I need to give my collegues an easy and quick way to edit their vacation message.

Is there something similar in place that I might have missed or is there any plans to eventually get such a practical addon ?


Is not “a module”, but a feature into any email application avaliable on Nethserver…

  • SOGo
  • RoundCube
  • WebTop

Adding another software for manipulate siege could break all mailrules set on these application…


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Seems you found a post about Vacation… :slight_smile:

Roundcube works well, but you’ld need to set the Filter for your users, like I did for mine!

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