Email Server Delete\Edit Domains


I’m getting random failures on either deleting an accepted domain or editing an accepted domain. This normally happens when I edit the 3rd domain. Here is the error when you edit:

echo ‘{“action”:“edit”,“domain”:{“DisclaimerStatus”:“disabled”,“TransportType”:“Relay”,“RelayHost”:“”,“name”:“”,“Description”:“TheDomain”,“AlwaysBccStatus”:“disabled”,“AlwaysBccAddress”:"",“UnknownRecipientsActionType”:“bounce”,“DisclaimerText”:"",“isPrimaryDomain”:"",“unknownRecipientMailbox”:{“name”:“root”,“type”:“builtin”}}}’ | /usr/bin/setsid /usr/bin/sudo /usr/libexec/nethserver/api/nethserver-mail/domains/update | jq

And here is the error when you try and delete:

echo ‘{“action”:“delete”,“domain”:{“DisclaimerStatus”:“disabled”,“TransportType”:“Relay”,“RelayHost”:“”,“name”:“the”,“Description”:“The Domain”,“AlwaysBccStatus”:“disabled”,“AlwaysBccAddress”:"",“UnknownRecipientsActionType”:“bounce”,“DisclaimerText”:"",“isPrimaryDomain”:"",“unknownRecipientMailbox”:{“name”:“root”,“type”:“builtin”}}}’ | /usr/bin/setsid /usr/bin/sudo /usr/libexec/nethserver/api/nethserver-mail/domains/update | j

I have downloaded a backup of the system and re-installed from an ISO and restored the backup, but still this keeps on happening. I’ve rebooted thinking that could fix it but the issue remains

Is there a manual method to delete the domains? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry, one thing I didn’t mention. When you do attempt to delete the domain, it disappears from the list, but is still active. I’ve tested this when I try and re-add it and I get an error stating that the domain already exists.



A simple option which might work:

Install the older Server-Manager (Also known as NethGUI), using Port 980.
Both Cockpit and NethGUI can work on the same server - no issues.
But NethGUI has a different method for removing E-Mail Domains, AFAIK.

My 2 cents

Thanks Andy. I can’t find NethGUI anywhere in the Software Centre. Is called something else?



At the moment I can’t find it in Cockpit (Software Center).

In the older Dashboard (Old Server Manager / NethGUI) it is shown:

I do recall the old Server Manager being available in Cockpit -> Software Center, now it’s not even shown there. (I do manage about 30 NethServers…).

I suppose it has to be installed by CLI (Command Line), but I can’t recall the exact component.
This should work:

yum install nethserver-httpd-admin

My 2 cents

Thanks Andy. I’ll give that a go…