Email archiving solution

Today I was thinking about this topic. Email archiving can provide lots of benefits like: archiving and retention rules, deduplication, full-text search, tagging emails, view/export/restore emails.
Is there any viable solution for NethServer? Any experience?


Avoid the Outlook .pst files… Bigger the files are, bigger problems are.
You can use a network drive due to time access, A pain.

I don’t find anything better than the Thunderbird archiving system.
You can put it in another drive, even network drive, and search, tag, copy anything.

been looking at MailArchiva, little experience with it though.

Do you mean the enterprise versione of mailpiler?


plus 5 characters, because quantity is more important than quality or simplicity.

I’m taking a look at the oss version, it looks interesting
Any other hint?


Hi Alessio,

You may want to check out ArcMail Technology for an easy to use, but fully compliant email archiving solution. ArcMail’s solution includes every benefit you mention and more. ArcMail’s web site is cool because it contains a lot of research information about email archiving including white papers, research papers, Federal and State rules and regulations as well as case studies and other great information. Check out their premium content page for lots of free information at: or their information resources page at:

Ehi Phil,
welcome here! It looks cool but I can’t get how to test it, there is no download button anywhere. :confused:

I’m actually using a Nethserver instance for one office, non-compliant shall we say, but I just use Thunderbird to dump old emails into a local account and they use roundcube to search it, works fine for a small office and keeps their mailboxes manageable, but for scale and compliance… that’s why I’m looking at mailarchiva/mailpile.

arcmail looks like it’s for pay only, and you’re not going to play with it without going through sales.

Hi Alessio,

You may want to get a tour of the software before requesting a free 30-day trial. You can either register for a webinar or a personalized demo and go over the many features of this product. You’ll find a link to register on the home page at

Key ArcMail product features include full-text indexing; granular retention rules; secure and customizable access and permissions; basic and advanced Boolean search; litigation and legal holds; and extensive import and export capabilities that accelerate and simplify eDiscovery requests and compliance audits.

It has two UIs (An outlook plugin or a web UI) and is compatible with most commercially available mail servers, including all versions of MS Exchange, Linux variants, IBM Lotus Domino, and GroupWise among others; most cloud-based systems, including Google Gmail, MS Office365, Google Apps, and Google Docs among others; and Microsoft SharePoint, enterprise social media, and Microsoft- and Linux-based file systems.

annnnnd… bingo.

Ehi Phil, thanks for your information. Are you somehow connected to Arcmail?

Hi Alessio,

Not trying to sell you on anything. It is good to find out things from your own comprehensive research. You probably never heard of ArcMail so that’s why I mentioned it so you can take advantage of the free resources and content to help you in your search.

Just asking :slight_smile: don’t worry. Good to know.

Hi, guys. Did someone try to use Mail Archive ( It seems to be free under 20 mailboxes. What do you think about it?

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I was actually looking at this today I will try to install MailArchiva they have an open source edition that works with ldap. I will test it on nethserver and let you know.


MailArchiva is very easy to setup and works very well also works easily with ldap. I will test it some more but this seems to be a good addition to nethserver has anyone else played with this and have you had any issues? What did you think of it?

It seems the Open Source version is not available anymore:

Take a look at this:


A heads up for those that could not follow the progress: