Email 2 with rspamd 1.7.x

I took a look at the documentation and I couldn’t find saveactions API documented anywhere.

It seems to me we are using an internal which can be changed anytime. If we need to rely on such feature, we should ask to rspamd maintainer if the API can be considered stable and added to the official doc (we can help on this).

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honestly I used the firefox developer tool to catch the message and save it as a curl action, I suppose yes we need to ask it, but it is the way that the rspamd UI talk to the rspamd daemons

At the end the trick in nethgui is not so easy, I need to try again, or ask to the @davidep

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But since is not a documented API, it could be changed during release along with the UI.

Let’s go with the simplest approach for now: just make nethgui read-only. :wink:

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Just uploaded the rspamd-1.7.3 release to nethserver-testing repo.

There are also a couple of enhancements to test /cc @quality_team

  • disclaimer feature forward-port
  • greylist disabled state


We finally did the opposite: rspamd UI has now thresholds disabled. Thresholds are still controlled by the mighty server manager :slight_smile:


my server is upgraded, rspamd rocks, need to test disclaimer

a tip for grey state disabled, turn the slider to the left

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i am on rspamd 1.6.6 is there an easy way to upgrade it to 1.7.x ?

You can update from testing repo today, or wait for tomorrow’s official release.