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1st of all - great thanks for NS. everything works fine just one thing confuses me.

I’ve created the rule in Roundcube which is working fine but I can’t see it in e.g. Webtop. What is the strategy of the e-mail rules across all web front-ends? How to manage it correctly?

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I use Roundcube to set the “Server” rules (Mail Sieve). NethServer respects the rules set with Roundcube.

I am not sure if rules set eg in WebTop or Sogo are respected by NethServer, and which one takes prevalence (If contradicting rules).

Just use the Rules in Roundcube!

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Thanks Andy.
I will stick to your advice. Such short sentence in documentation would be valuable for others as well.
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I use the Roundcube rules mainly to provide a simple “Out of Office” or “Vacation” rule, this works well for my 25-30 clients with NethServer!

And you have fun with your NethServer!

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Can somebody give an info here?


Inbox filtering rules set on WebTop are always written to the sieve server just like Roundcube and SOGo do.
WebTop, however, cannot read rules present on the server and written by other clients.

If multiple clients are used to create rules, different files are created on the server at this location: /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/<mailbox>/sieve/ but only one is active (typically the one last modified).

With Roundcube you are able to see all the sieve files present on the server (even created by other clients) and you can decide which one to activate.
Multiple files cannot be active at the same time.



Hi Luca

Thanks for the clarification, and thanks also for your extreme engagement regarding Webtop questions here!

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