Duplicate DNS servers

Hello - Prior to Setting up Nethserver, I was using a Windows Server VM as the DNS server for the home network LAN. After setting up Nethserver for Proxy and webfilter, I see that DNS is being resolved through the Squid proxy. I was getting errors trying to reach an “internal” website.

Once the host was added to Nethserver DNS, I was able to access.

I have no issue using Nethserver as the new DNS resource (only 15 or so items in the home network) . My question is - is the DNS in Nethserver requred in order to use the Squid Proxy ? If not, should I just turn off the service in order to use the original DNS machine ?

Thank You for all your insight,

Bill Clark, Windham, VT

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: DNS

The clients must use Nethserver DNS to make proxy bypass work:


Your Nethserver may use the Windows server as DNS, this way the squid proxy should be able to resolve the address of the internal website.

Thank you for the link - I am not seeing where I can configure forwarding in the NethServer portal … do I need to edit squid.conf ?

The DNS that Nethserver/squid uses is set in Network/DNS servers.


Got it - Many thanks again.

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