Downloading NS8

Hi all,

I wanted to download NS8 Beta and, on the NethServer download page, there is no download link for NS8 Beta.

Then I remember I saw somewhere that you have to use curl to install NS8 on a already running Linux system.

I am not new to NethServer but I imagine a newbee wanting to download NS8 Beta !!!

On the download page of Nethserver there should be a few lines telling people how to proceed.

This page is not clear at all… starting from scratch

Check our step-to-step documentation.
I know “RTFM” but newbees don’t do that; they download, then they “RTFM

Again, a few lines, directly on the download page, telling people how to proceed will be welcome.

The newbee inside me created this post for other newbees.



Hi @michelandre

“starting from scratch” means here that you will install NS8 on top of one of the following: CentOS/AlmaLinux/Rocky Linux, Debian, as is described in Installation — NS8 documentation

Maybe we could add a link to the pre-built images, but for now they are not ready for prime time :smiley:


Hi @GG_jr ,

Start from scratch.
To start from scratch means to begin at the beginning, to restart from the beginning or to start over with no source of aid.

Start from scratch – common English expressions.
To do something from scratch is to begin from the very start with no preparation or prior advantage.

As you wrote is the best example telling people how to proceed in only one line … without RTFM but pointing to it for more explaination.

Your line should definitely be on the download page…


I know this, that’s why I wrote: “starting from scratch” means here

I agree, we can improve the download page with this line.

Do you have a better suggestion for the title? :thinking:

“You can install NethServer 8 on top of one of the following OS: CentOS (AlmaLinux/Rocky Linux), Debian or use one of pre-built images. Both methods require a working Internet connection.”


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Maybe this is too long for the title :slight_smile:
I’d need something that explain it to use as a title inside the doc instead of “Install from scratch”.
Maybe something like “Install on a supported distribution”?


That’d be an improvement, I think–“start from scratch” suggests we have something like an OS installer.


What do you think install: rename install mode by gsanchietti · Pull Request #18 · NethServer/ns8-docs · GitHub?

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Looks good to me.

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PR merged.

@alefattorini can you improve the download page?

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Done, with link to both sections

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Is it ok?

Hi all,


Why the original link to the documentation is not there anymore ?

Is there no more need to RTFM ?

There should be a link to the “Complete NS8 documentation”: Introduction — NS8 documentation