Download current config to a file

(Charlie Lehardy) #1

This is a Zentyal feature that I find helpful. I keep a spare gateway running that is a clone of my primary gateway, as a backup in case the main machine goes down. To make the 2nd machine a clone of the first, I backup the primary machine and restore to the second. In NS, that means moving the USB backup drive from one machine to another. It would be easier if I could just download a config file and then upload it as a restore file to the machine I want to clone. Also, being able to download a config file gives me some extra protection in case my backup drive dies.

(Filippo Carletti) #2

The backup-config file is created and left on the filesystem now. You could try do scp it to the spare machine with a cron job.
For backup-data you could setup every policy you prefer (I use rsync).

That’s today. For a future version, we’d like to receive suggestions.

(Charlie Lehardy) #3

Good to know. Thanks.

(Filippo Carletti) #4

The backup file is:


(Stéphane de Labrusse) #5

IMHO that could be done like the openvpn module, a simple link to download the configuration file by https
Edit : but in order to restore we could’nt import yet because nethgui doesn’t have an import widget except if a trick can be done ???