Doubts about OpenVPN

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: OpenVPN

I have configured OpenVPN roadwarrior as follows;

And I have configured transparent proxy with web filtering;

And its works perfectly on the remote client

However, where I have a problem, it is in the IP allocation part, because according of the openvpn client, I should assign it the reserved IP configurated in the server, however it assignis a random one, so I can not assign the correct filter to the correct IP of the openvpn client, I need connect 8 clients, two without limits and the others blocked all.

I was created the firewall objects with the IP clients reserved

Sorry for my bad english.

AFAIK, due to ms windows limitations, you can only assign some specific ip addresses from the openvpn pool.
Search for “/30” in openvpn howto (
As you can see should work, while should not.

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It is strange, because if I use client 1 which is 15.2 in theory it should work, however, assigned the ip 15.9 or 15.10 but in the openvpn connection panel it shows me this:

This may be a visualization bug.
Please check on the client which ip is it using (ipconfig).

Assign this IP