Domain controller error

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: Domain users

Yesterday I had to turn off my server (running nethserver 7.8.2003) and when I restarted it I started having some problems with domain users: basically the users can no longer connect to the domain from their workstation.

When I log in to the workstation I do not receive any error message but if I try to access a shared folder I get the error message “unable to contact a domain controller to handle the authentication request. Please try again later.”

I tried to change the user’s password via server manager to see what happens but when I try to log into the workstation with the new password I got an error.

It seems that the trust relation between the domain and the workstations has been broken.

What can I do to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance


I did some tests and I found that the problem is not related to the active directory, but it is related the IP address of the domain controller: this IP address is no longer reachable from the local network.

If I connect to the server with OpenVPN I can reach the IP address of the domain controller and everything works as it should.

What can I do to reach the IP address of the domein controller from the local network?

In the end I found that the problem was generated by vmware esxi: when the server was restarted, “Promiscuous Mode” was no longer enabled in the network card settings.

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