Domain Admins without log analysis in Server Manager (bug?)

I’ve created users as Domain Admins.
When they log in to the Cockpit, the log view is not displayed.

In an administrative role, this is essential.

Sincerely, MArko


Hi Marko

A Domain Admin is essentially a Windows Admin, NOT a Linux Admin!
But to troubleshoot problems, log access is essential, in that sense you’re right.

Cockpit, AFAIK, does not respect “Domain Admins”. This is IMHO correct, as it would be the same as giving - as an example - a Nextcloud Admin full Linux root permissions. Just because a user has permissions to administrate one facet of an App in Linux, does not mean that user has the know-how or rights to administrate a Linux box!

But with Delegation, it should be possible to allow some Linux rights to Domain Admins, in respect to linux, like reading logs…

My 2 cents


I agree with Andy. Only root can access some panels. Another notable example is the configuration of the accounts provider under Users and Groups.

What is the log you’d expect to see?

Consider that applications already show some logs, for instance Email shows maillog.


o.k, I understand, it’s a feature not a bug :slight_smile:


I missed the mail log.
On the other hand this person has access to all logs with Neth GUI. After comparing the behavior of both GUIs I thought it was a bug.