Doing some basic guides

I really love this idea, how can I help? Index looks too long to tackle, what about focusing on just a few paragraph?
You can re-use a bunch of guides/images here: NethServer 6.6 reviews

Although would be useful to describe the whole process to choose, install and deploy a server, I know it’s too much work, so we should concentrate on those things directly tied to NethServer. That is from #5 onwards.

Totally agree
BTW you deserve a seat in our @docs_team

Great work and pleas continue.

I agree with you we should first concentrate on NethServer and if we have time left on the nice to have topics.

This point needs to be the next step, agree?

Things are going at a slow pace :sweat_smile: …but almost there. Work doesn’t left much time.

I’m working on Initial setup (aka First Config Wizard) which seems trivial while installing, but not when documenting it (specifically the naming questions raised by @GG_jr, here and there ).

Anyway, will publish it as draft and request community revision when it is ready.


Hi @dnutan

This task is great and necessary.
I want to support. In the meantime, I will continue translating some basic items then we could improve together.


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I didn’t follow all the thread, so be patient if I’m asking something already answered.
What are you exactly trying to add to the first configuration wizard? The whole network configuration?

(In the past few days, we already added a couple of paged to the wizard for NS 7: upstream proxy and mail smarthost).

Not trying to add anything. Just documenting for the stable version (with some minor notes on NS7).

The intention is to have a wiki answering most frequent raised questions, to clear them out (to gather and order community knowledge).

The main issue were naming conventions and requirements for hostname, domain name and FQDN, and its relation to DC and AD, and old protocols. The information spread on the Internet is open to interpretation and sometimes misleading, like the allowed characters and length (characters/octets). After reading a bunch of RFCs, samba and Microsoft documentation, things where not clear enough.

Maybe it is clear for most sysadmins… just trying to make it easier for the rest. Bear in mind I’m mostly a hardware guy :hammer:

Anyway, I think it’s kind of sorted out. If time allows it I might publish it over the weekend and report some related usability errors/feature-request for the 6.8 beta.


Many thanks for this! :clap: :thumbsup: :grinning:


Looking forward to such docs! Keep it up friend!

I had totally miised this thread.

I had finally meet “Marc” who greatly help fill up the wiki.
Thank you, Marc :smile:


@docs_team hangout? What about? @jim @WillZen and @dnutan who else?

This is appropriate.

I am busy with my business at the moment but I will look to find the time.

Here is the draft of the First Configuration guide.

I’d have liked to unclutter it a bit by moving the FQDN examples (and maybe the naming rules) to a separate Naming Conventions userguide (which over time could have covered hostname, domain, FQDN, AD, NethServer users and email naming conventions…), but it was too dense for me so I just left that aside.

I know I tend to do long guides… but if someone with a bit of patience is willing to review it over the following weeks… Specifically:

  • use of single-label domains
  • the use of a registered domain / sub-domain
  • should we add a note on punycode domains?
  • SSH: Usable port range. Should we avoid the well-know ports and the (linux) ephemeral ports, and use ‘1024-32767’ range, or it does not really matter at all?

reporting any inaccuracy, misconception, things that should be more clear, things to add or to leave out… Images an video might be added after community revision.

Also would like to know if these type of guides are useful for both, sysadmins and non-sysadmins, to decide if we continue down this road or we have to reformulate how we approach it.


Thanks a lot @dnutan

We are becoming older! which, in turn, fills us with experience and wisdom …
The world is going to end and we don’t know when it will be!

We must take the actions that make us happy!

If any Spanish-speaking survives … will get a translation in our language


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Network Setup: Network Interfaces Configuration


Great shot Marc

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Wow! That’s super helpful. We need to give it more visibility on the wiki.

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