Do you get a local mirror for your development work

I’m looking to get some local mirrors in my LAN…I’m fed up to lose time for updates,. The HD space is not really an issue for me, bandwithd is another question, specially when My wife looks the TV (by Internet of course)

I want to mirror

  • Centos
  • Epel
  • Nethserver

It would be good for a first shot

Do you have some Ideas, Tips…definitely this worth a wiki page :slight_smile:


Something like MS WSUS?

If you have more than one NS machine in your network, you can set one of them as local mirror and all the other servers may be updated from there.

It’s a good feature for locations with poor internet connection.

Will be great!
And a BIG + for NS.
Good idea!

for what I saw you need

  • mirror the repository by rsync to your local repository server
  • create apache virtualhost to answer on multi domain ( Of course the documentRoot is the downloaded files
  • redirect the dns entry (all domains) to the local server, this could be done on your router
  • set in NS to use the dns server router instead of the google’s one

the yum plugin fastestmirror should choose the repository the fastest (yours)


Thank you!
Maybe I will try.
As we speaking, it looks complicated (at lest first two points) for my level of Linux knowledge. But who knows …

Why not also for Debian/Ubuntu, …?

There are Linux based networks, or networks with a lot of Linux computers.

Can be build something like a module for NS to setup such server?

Will be a BIG ++ for NS project compared with others.
Outside of MS WSUS, I don’t know/hear a Linux distribution to have such a feature as a module.

As you tell me, you can “build” this “service” but is not a module.
Just a stupid idea from me.

if the ns is the gateway of your LAN, then all can be imagined, and really simply. But it is something really specific…for example when you download the centos repository the link is

rsync --progress -aHS --partial --delete-after --exclude debug/ --exclude isos/ --exclude i386/ rsync://* /var/lib/repository/

if you miss the ‘*’ you cannot download all the symlinks and you will have 404 errors.

what we can provide is some fields

url to download
domain to match in local

and create automatically the virtualhosts. However the pointer should be adjusted manually


Out of my topic but I have a friend of mine who manages about 800 windows computers with but it seems it is for now only with ubuntu…maybe soon on centos

EDIT : I speak too fast…there is a procedure on NS7/EL7

Nice tool but WAPT is too much.
WSUS is only for updates and hotfixes for Win OS.
Starting from your idea(s), an update server for the Operating Systems which are in a network based on NethServer.
Could be updates for NethServer/CentOS, Ubuntu, even Windows.
Could be useful for:

  • Places where the Internet connection bandwidth is small.
  • Especially for schools, hospitals, generally for the public sector, where are many computers.
  • When you reinstall the OS for computers.
  • Development work.
    Again, maybe a bad idea and I will stop here.

The thread is a bit old, but this last day I’ve needed an on-demand local repo for centos/nethserver and fedora. After some research and try I’ve found that Apt-Cacher-ng can work with centos and fedora with a bit of tuning from there. It work perfectly well, and since I don’t think I’m the only one with a bad bandwidth it can be useful.