DNS Not responding by OpenVPN (SOLVED)

I have a problem, where in nethserver I use openvpn and in the DNS settings is the address of my two servers. Within my local network is responding well, but the VPN stopped responding from one day to the other. I can only access the machines through IP, by name only through the local network. How should I proceed to solve the problem?

Hello @maiconjs,

I’d first check which DNS the VPN clients are using with “nslookup yournethvpnserver” and if they are working.

As a workaround you may put ip and hostname of the servers, that should be reachable by name, to the clients hosts file.

Which Nethserver version are you using?

Didn’t you change Bridged vs Routed mode on the server ? If yes, you need to update your client configuration file (basically changing “dev tap” > “dev tun”)

sorry for the late reply, I find the cause of the problem and found out I’m stupid for not having verified basic things. I upgraded vmware on both my computer and the boss, and VPN traffic was being directed to vm’s network adapter. When I disabled, I was able to dribble successfully. Thank you to all who have taken the time to help.