DNS Entry internal and external


NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: DNS

Good Morning,

I have Setup a test Environment with HyperV and Nethserver 7.7. Runs like a Charme so far.

To make this Server reachable from outside I have to set a DNS record at my Provider. I know how I had to do this in the M$ world. I set an A record named “remote.example.com”, forwarded the ports and been done with it. For convinience I also set on the M$ Server a DNS Domain “remote.exanple.com”. Worked fine.

The Subdomain “remote” got set by the M$ Server itself.

How I to the same with Nethserver ? I want to use SoGo and Nextcloud. How I can name my Nethserver like above.

Probably a dumb Question :-).

Right now I am not that sure in the Nethserver world.

It would be great if someone could give me a General direction.

Thanks in Advance.



check http://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/sogo.html

the prop is VirtualHost, but IIRC you have an UI inside cockpit/nethgui

for webtop you can check