Dns adult content doesnt block

hello fellahs i have tried to put the dns to block adult content adguard it worked sometime and now …nothing all passes even cloudflare and other dns any thoughts?

(solved for now with transparent proxy) even the search engine finaly doesn t shows the results anymore

I had this issue because modern client like android and apple still continue to use the IPV6 dns resolver of my router (livebox4), even if I disabled the DHCP server, it was fun.

After I disabled completely IPV6 in my router, then the android/apple client did use the dns ipv4 I set with pihole.

I needed to use the DHCP server of NethServer because my shit livebox router forbids to change the DNS, they want we use their orange DNS…I do not need to have a real router…the earth got too many bad things, no need more.
Therefore my livebox router is just a gateway and a wifi provider