DKIM+disclaimer problems after upgrade to mail2 module

I waste less time reinstalling, it’s a test machine :slight_smile:

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I use one vm per topic…never more. sometime it could bring some problems

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Clean machine, installed from 7.5 iso, Local LDAP provider, only mail, disclaimer, webtop and roundcube modules installed, updates done.

Only modification I’ve made is the length of DKIM key (because mi DNS provider doesn’t support full length key at the moment)

I made new tests with standard disclaimer module:

There’s my results sending mail to gmail:

Roundcube -> plain text -> pass
Roundcube -> html -> fail

Webtop -> plain text -> pass
Webtop -> html -> fail

Thunderbird (465) -> plain text -> pass
Thunderbird (465) -> html -> pass

Thunderbird (587) -> plain text -> pass
Thunderbird (587) -> html -> pass

I found this very old discussion:

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Maybe I found a workaround… :wink: