Disk Usage reports wrong used space again

Hi guys, i have a similar problem like in march this year.

Disk usage reports 263,64 GB, also after manual update. du reports 179,85 BG, dashboard reports 179,76 GB.
The command cat /var/cache/duc/duc.json reports 209,17 GB. Finally CGP reports 179,8 GB. So I think the 180 GB are right.
In march the problem was the time when duc was running. After a manual update the reported du was right. But this time the reported du remains wrong.
Next i deleted the files in /var/cache/duc and initialized DUC again, but again it reports 263,64 GB.
Another thing: the time in DUC is in UTC not in the right time zone, but this doesn’t matter for me.
Any idea what’s wrong this time?

Thanks in advance for yur help.

Best regards .

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