Disk usage reports wrong size

It’s not a big deal, but my disk usage module reports wrong used size. It reports an overall usage of about 295 GB. The 3 main subdirectories are reported with 72,5, 37,5 and 2 GB, witch together is about 112 GB. After manuel update the reported size is correct with about 113 GB. Every nightly automatic update then report the wrong size again.
Any idea why? (see images)

after manual update

@edoardo_spadoni any hint on this?

Try to run: cat /var/cache/duc/duc.json and check the size of root dir.

Should be the first line, something like this:
"duc": {"root": "/", "children": [{"size": "1147949426", "type":..

Check the size prop and compare it with the size in the Dashboard.

Hi @edoardo_spadoni ,
thank you for your answer.

Is it this what you mean?


sorry, now i found it at the end:

Ok, the size prop is the last one in the output. Check the value before and after the manual update and convert it to GB

ok, will do it tomorrow after automatic update.

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@edoardo_spadoni yesterday i had an idea and i think i was right. i changed the time of backup and the time of anacron, so that the duc-module no longer runs during backup. today the reported size is correct. maybe duc included the temporarely mounted usb disc without reporting?
Thank you for your support.

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I would like to help. But how? I’m not an IT-Pro and i have no skills in programming. I’m also relative new to linux. I could do a some tranlation from english to german if needed or test some features in a VM. I’m using virtualbox on NS. I didn’t find a how to install. Should I write one? If yes gimme a hint how.

But now my wife an the kids are home again, so time for hobby is dramatically decreasing… :relaxed:
I will look around an if I can help somewhere i will.

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thanks to @Ctek we have already it http://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=howto:create_a_nethserver_virtualbox_instance&s[]=virtualbox

Sounds good, you can help these amazing german guys! /cc @Hunv