Disk Management feature request

It’s for you @davidep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In opposition !:! No,Perhaps you misunderstood something, or didn’t explain so well…
In the other topic, I suggest to change a bit our communication, to stop talking about “all in one”, and talk about modularity.

About the modularity, Nethserver is a file server, can share files, can distribute content with owncloud and other stuff… But we can’t talk about NAS yet,
I suggest this disk managment feature, to make this storage side and managment disk easy, with this module, we would communicate about NAS feature.

I disagree, it’s an interesting question. Maybe It deserves separate discussion called “What NethServer should be…” What do you think?

“Modularity” is much more complex concept than “monolithic”.

Hi Alessio,

I don’t know. It may become redundant. There are many posts regarding that.
But yes, could be interesting.

I don’t If it’s me who is tired… But:

  • THis thread is about the disk management feature…

– It’s @davidep who speak about Cockpit

Right, we have to stay in topic :wink:

Finally it is the responsibility of the admin and we shouldn’t restrict it. If someone will do something stupid without inform him self about the consequences he will do it on the CLI as well.
The WARNING with red background is a good solution. If he continue without a second thought than it his fault and not of the software documentation.

I agree with @Jim and the Nethserver slogan. The GUI should have all necessary tools to do the daily work. As mentioned @vhinzsanchez admin with WINDOWS background don’t like to step in to learn the CLI command if they think about to change to a LINUX based server.


Sorry @zamboni that I didn’t came to this world with this knowledge. I know as many other that we have to learn much more. And this can be done by asking in the forum some simple questions to get help or an hint in the right direction.

Hi @WillZen, I never said that Windows admin don’t like to learn the CLI…what I’m pointing out is that these admins are more of a point and click persons (not that not wanting to learn Linux CLI) so proper mitigations/warnings should be put into place should these admins (we :smile:) wrongfully click on the wrong button.

Just clearing things up.

That’s the right way, please keep it up!

Sorry for my free interpretation.
I got many feedbacks about LINUX that you have to use too many times the CLI to do the work and they don’t want to change. It is too much effort.

I immediately thought about Cockpit, because it’s available on ns7 and I hope it will become our server manager framework in the future.

The “Create RAID” button is for configuring. I agree, it lacks a lot of functions but we should keep an eye on its progress.

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that’s the right approact to the problem…
no one here had the knowledge inside… everybody has to learn… and you learn trying to things, asking how to do them, try again…

havin a dumb interface to do things once/twice a year doesn’t help you to learn… :slight_smile:

here I disagree…

a community driven distro can’t be a gun in the hands of a newbie…

a web interface is a layer between human an CLI… it’s very usefull in everyday tasks, but, really, how many times do you add/partition/remove a disk on THE SAME SERVER during its life? once? twice? five?
do we really need to invest time to create something that need 3 lines of CLI just to use it 2 times?

I don’t think so…
anyway, since I’m not interested anymore in NS, I think my opinion is not important

I’m totally agree… There’s no reason to restrick the user. Everybody has responsibility of its acts.

And A disk Management feature is !!!
Until a home user can play with a graphic windows partition, or a graphic Mac partition… A home user can deal a Synology, a Qnap, a Western Digital NAS without problem…
And a Linux Sysadmin can’t…
Such feature is dangerous in a Linux sysadmin and not in a anybody homeuser hands!!!
Because someone think it’s dangerous or think that the professional sysadmin is a dude !!!

You have really strange though and strange argumentation @zamboni
Stop with your subversives arguments.

This feature is only to enlarge opportunities to spread NethServer.
This feature is to enlarge fields of application for use of Nethserver…

he rarely (or never) need a gui to format a disk or to create partitions… are we talking about what?

we give a different meaning to “sysadmin”, aren’t we?

NS’ GUI is there to provide an easy interface for everyday tasks…

Yes :grinning:

I see NS gui an easy way to configure, to setup the server too

I’d like to point out that every opinions are important here, without exceptions :grin:

I believe that they sold the software through the hardware, it is one way to fund development…Unfortunately for Linux, it is free as free beer.

More seriously, does someone has started some works on this topic…I have done some search this morning, and it is a huge, a really huge development to do.

For example, these are the engines of the LVM and RAID module of webmin, thankfully in Perl.

I do admit that the guy who will code these modules, will be my hero for the next 2 centuries…around 2000 lines of code.

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