Disk Management feature request

Can we gather some examples from other product?

It might be a good approach

Look at this:

And Google have lot of pictures…

Yes, I want to.

And a Disk Management module is in this objetive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I continue my self-speaking thread :imp:
with a self-citation of another thead:

With such Disk Management module. to add a new disk, to create and manage partitions, to manage mounting points for local and remote files systems…
With the existing file sharing, Nethserver could easely become a NAS.

And this could open lot of oportunities, Nethserver, as NAS, could become a backup system, with PLEX Nethserver could distribute contents…

Better try to implement Air-print and AFP and make a good stuff , either speak so much

Hi Jim,

IMO, like I said before in other post, NS could be a very good AiO product.
Also, can be improved (Nethserver future version 7).

As NS Team said for many times, NethServer must be keeped simple as much as possible (I think this is to work safe, not for functions).

But personally, I don’t know a product so complex as you want (Disk Management feature request, Did you know Yunohost?, and I think the list may continue) to work well. And moreover, a free product.

Maybe for this reason also Zentyal have reduced the functions in the last version.

Like I said before in this Forum, I don’t want to keep all eggs in the same basket.

In this moment I’m thinking at two scenarios to use NS (very short description):

  1. NS act as AiO ( UTM + Mail Server + Web Server) with two zones, RED and GREEN, or three zones RED, GREEN and BLUE, for Home and Small (very small) Business.

  2. NS act as UTM with four zones:
    a. RED
    b. ORANGE - another NS act as Mail Server and maybe as Web Server
    c. BLUE - wireless for guests
    d. GREEN:
    d.1. NS as PDC & File sharing;
    d.2. NS as PDC with FreeNAS as Storage & File sharing;
    d.3. Zentyal as PDC / AD controlled by RSAT & File sharing;
    d.4. Zentyal as PDC / AD controlled by RSAT with FreeNAS as Storage & File sharing;

Many other applications can be added to an Information System, but IMHO, in the right place.

Of course, everything I said above can be criticized, improved, rejected or trashed.

I believe a web GUI menu for disk management would be a great feature to have. It pains me to say it but look how easy it is to manage disks and partitions on any M$ server or client OS including SBS. The same can be said for GUI driven Linux systems.

I understand NS needs to stay a focused product which is slimlined and best of breed.

Taking what can be a daunting task that can kill your whole server and wrap it with a clear,easy to use GUI shows great product maturity.

Having features that no other distro in this market space has is pioneering, innovation and a massive value add. Something others distros will either follow, or fall behind.

I have every faith in the NS team getting the balance right between ease of use and the warnings needed to help the admin make an informed decision when managing disks :smile:


Yes, homeusers can have this features with windows, Mac os x , Linux and Bsd system with any kind od desktop environment… And a Nethserver’s sysadmin not!?! It’s cruel :smile:

This is a good perspective, like it. What about a cost-benefit analysis?
Can we try to draft the new disk management feature? As @filippo_carletti said above?
We should choose minimum targets for a first implementation, which these goals could be?

you used the magic word: desktop environment

NS is not a desktop distro, nor need a monitor, a keyboard or mouse… it can sit thousand miles from you

it seems we give very different meaning to the word “sysadmin”

in any case, I hope/guess that the disk management will be a plugin, an optional one… I won’t use it, I don’t need it… all IMVHO

These modules can be a good inspiration:

That’s a good example but it’s too generic! As I said we can’t have all these features.
We should choose minimum targets for a first implementation, which these goals could be?
What could be enough to start?

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The ideal things is to have all theses things.

If we must go step by step, I think we must go for the Logical Volume Management and the disk partition tool. that can do the same things as the CentOS installation tools.

For the rest, naturally in other step, we will need the mount and unmount tool, for a local filesystem and perhaps a network file system…

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we are talking about two different UI… NS UI is a web UI…

Like webmin,
Like Freenas,
Like Nas4free,
Like OpenMediaVault…

Take a look at theses systems :smiley:


I know there are many web UI out there that can help people to manage their storage…

read all my posts in this topic… (even) in this forum there are guys that don’t know how their lan works, what is a dhcp and so on… do you really think it’s a smart idea to give them direct access to disk/data? really?
NIMB :wink:

in any case, vox populi, vox dei (Cit.)

If Jim continues to want (unabated) Disk Management, could I wish (unabated) to have improvements to Email Server (Mailgraph, AWstats, …), Proxy (Web, POP3, SMTP, …), Filter (Email, Web, GeoIP, …), Backup, GUI, Reverse Proxy, … and to other modules/packages?

Why not?
But, IMHO, everything what is related to NS not to the “Host” (CentOS).


Take a look here:

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Look at this too:

This Amahi “Disk Wizard” is wery sexy :smiley:


I want you to click on “like” on this feature request :laughing: :laughing: