Disaster Recovery

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: duplicity
We were lucky enough to loose all 4 drives Raid 10 in Proxmox) in fowl swoop earlier this morning. New Drives and rebuild proxmox and reimport images from 26/1/19. Great all worked but need to pull the duplicity data we have on the NAS. It hold 6004 files but only really need the last days since 26/1/19.
The Restore data list in the server manager only knows about what it last did (25/1/19). How can we update that list to what is stored on the NAS and extract all those files?

OK found it by accident “backup-restore-duc-index” rebuilt the list and added 10/2/19 but it does not list files or restore anything.
Doing a “restore-data -b /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/accounting/sospl_2018.myo” on the command line returns
“No backup ‘/var/lib/nethserver/ibay/accounting/sospl_2018.myo’ found at /sbin/e-smith/restore-data line 48.”
Just in case someone else is looking for this.
“restore-data -b backup-data” appears to be working. It has started with a 20190119T100510Z named signature

This command cannot work. -b parameter indicate the name of backup. You can see backup names with command db backups show
If you use only old Server Manager you have only one backup named backup-data and the command is restore-data -b backup-data.

Helpful command are listed here http://docs.nethserver.org/en/v7/backup.html#command-line-procedure
If you want to restore a previous backup you can use -t option.


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@federico.ballarini Thank you. Yes I did find it. The instructions just said “named” . But once I saw the line causing the error it became clear what it was looking for.
A full backup was not completed so it only restored to the 7/2/19. But better than nothing.
Is there a way to extract data from individual dup files without the manifest?

Why you can’t use “Restore Files” from NethServer? If you want to have a copy of these files, you can restore them in another destination.

When I did the restore it saw there were more files but belonged to an incomplete set. The backup was interrupted by the drive failures.
I have tested the drives and all 4 do not attempt to spin! PSU tested OK and it is the same system just running replacement drives.