Disaster Recovery with mirror encrypted data

NS has a back up option but it will not help if the building burns down. To overcome this problem the back up could be mirrored outside the building via internet. The drawback is everyone could read the date who has some IT knowledge. If the date is encrypt it wouldn’t matter. Via Tor it would be easy to get the back up date to an other computer.
The advantage of mirror encrypted data would be that encrypting virus wouldn’t work on the receiving computer.

It would be nice to have an option for mirror the backup data.

  • Encrypt the back up with an admin decided password
  • Set up the Tor network.
  • Documentation how to configure the receiving computer

Why? :smile:
You buy new hw, install NS, restore config backup and starting working: total downtime around 10/15 minutes (apart from new hw delivery). Then, you start restoring data backup: total time depending on backup size and media (some hours).
You can keep a spare hw with NS pre-installed to speed up things.

P.S. I’d like to have the encrypted mirror feature.

How could you install the back up if the drive destroyed from the fire?

I’m sorry, I confused the Professional/Enterprise version of NethServer that automatically saves the configuration backup to the cloud every time a setting is changed.
For data, I keep a copy off-site (I’ve shared my config here in the past).

I agree that it would be nice to have remote mirroring. Do you have a pointer for me, just to try to eval how much work is needed?

I have an article from a German computer magazine. I am busy this week but I try to send you the relevant information next week. Problem is that the main information is about how you do it in Windows and only a few information about Linux.

Well, disaster recovery is an everyday task with Windows. …

Not really. Only if you don’t do anything to protect your system and data.
The computer magazine is mainly for Windows. This is the reason that the article is for Windows as well and some information for Linux.
Anyway the main idea is to protect your data if your house burns down or collapse. The proposed hybrid back up works in that way the back up data is encrypted and mirrored via Tor to an outside computer or server. There should run a software which back up this data again. The drawback with synchronise data is if something happened with the origin data it will be synchronise as well.
Because the transferred data is encrypted you can store it by a friend or another company and his data on you server in return.

I would tie this topic to this one, already discuted Encrypted backup

And this one for a remote cloud storage Backup-data-cloud

Maybe with these clues you can reach your goals

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Right, I remember that we had talked about Attic, news about it?

I’ve done some tests. I’d like to test borg.


I found the information.
The synchronisation is done via Bittorrent sync.
You install the software on the server and the remote location as well. You have to apply the password and it search for the connection on it own.
The German article you will find at
This is from 2013 and I don’t know is the Linux setup still valid. If yes you need the short script.
Maybe you can translate it with Google :wink:

Next week I hope I have more time and can post a full summary about the Hybrid Backup idea.