Difficulty setting up 2 vlan

Good day to all.
I need help in setting up proper Nethserver. What I have: the NIC (eth0 looks to internet) raised two vlan (eth0.1 and eth0.10) Each vlan configured to static address. It should be like this: a part of the local address are on the same vlan, the other part on another. What have - pings go wrong with both the local subnet.
BUT! Gateway became one of the address specified vlan (well, for example address vlan2), and all requests from different LAN segments go through this gateway. ip route actually draws the default gateway address of a vlan.

Guys like to do right, please tell me (I’m still a novice, may be a problem and funny)

Eth0 use as a Red eth0.1 use like Green and eth.10 use like Blue if you want to separate network


Thanks. About this way somehow did not think , even read a few times. I’ll try and accomplish your goal … thanks