Did you know "Ocean"?


Did you know the “Ocean”?
It’s a little portable Linux server.

This thing seem to be a great idea:
A Linux server always with you! I can imagine it as a super USB pendrive, I can imagine it as a Owncloud server…

Finally, thinking about a Linux Server… Finally, what it bring compared to a “traditional” server, hosted in a daacenter, or hosted at home?
More security? No, it can be stolen, broken, forgeten…
More versatility? New usages?

I really think that the future is for little computers, energy efficient… But this one is strange.

What do you think about such product?

Probably useless…but man, it’s really really nerd and cool! :smiley: :smiley:


Not so long ago there were some WIFI routers with a built-in battery. They have Linux on board or OpenWRT as well.

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You can’t do a router with this one… There’s no RJ45.

There’s no HDMI, so you can’t do a media box…

You can interact with a smartphone, with bluetooth or wifi…But what for?
Is a smartphone connected on the net can do the same thing with a traditional server? Yes.

More I think, more “cons” I find…

  • Security… in 99% of cases, the physical access to the server is the first security… With portability… 0% for this kind of security.
  • Is the Bluetooth or wifi is more secure than the traditional LAN connection? No !