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OpenMadriva, has anybody used It? looks pretty.

If you mean OpenMandriva. It is way back early 2000 when I had Mandrake as OS. This evolved to mandriva. The great thing about Mandrake was (IMO) the large repository of knowledge. It was possible to do several online courses. Later Mandrake had financial problems and changed it’s name to Mandriva. I am not 100% sure if OpenMandriva is coming from Mandriva Linux.

Yes, I’m an Ubuntu slave Nethserver to ride off Zentyal (what a pice off C·$P) now I’m trying to find a desktop based distro and It looks fine, in other hand is to use CentOS as desktop (to be synced) with se Zentyal.

I used Ubuntu (and derivatives) for a long long time. But recently, like 1 month ago, I switched to Fedora on my laptop. And so far, so good. I do like it.
If you want to use some new(er) applications and/or versions of applications, I would suggest not to go for CentOS on the desktop but use Fedora. If you want rock solid and stable, then CentOS is a better choice.

OkDoky Fedora, I havent use it, It have more numbers than an address book.

If you prefer .deb based distro’s (because you are used to that) do find yourself a .deb based distro. You might lik Linux Mint or Zorin OS. Have a look at distrowatch for more debian based distro’s:

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No man, No more Güebuntu (eggbuntu in spanish is like bigballsbuntu), I use Ubuntu because there’s no more choice, I want to give support for only a Linux Branch. an CentOS seems like my first RedHat 6.0 distro that Works in my Pentium 75Mhz.

CentOS has a very bad reputation 2 years ago I was In a RedHat meeting RedHat people said that it is to riski, Now I have to format it Samba is not working (SSSD accountsprovider error) But I can’t stop the server until 28 days, security bugs that appears In RedHat clones (magically!!! RedHat pays them), I don’t like but another choice is to use Oracle Linux (It’s very impresive) is so secure but I don’t know if it Works With NethServer.

Xbuntu, is a good choice, it has the background off canonical, debian seems to be an stable choice. I install CentOS on the laptop (Corei3 4Gbytes) and it seems to be slower than windows 10.
Now is time to probe Debian-XFCE CD1.
And Xubuntu 18.04 LTS.

I’m bored with windows :roll_eyes:

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I dropped Windows back in 2010. Ok, first as a dual boot with ubuntu, from Ubuntu 11.04 I decided to stay with just Ubuntu.
At the moment I am running Fedora28. Only issue with this (on my laptop) is since kernel 4.16.13-300.fc28.x86_64 and up I encounter a spontaneous reboot when resuming from hibernation, So I boot with kernel 4.16.12-300.fc28.x86_64 which doesn’t have this problem.

Let me tell You my story, i got 6 years without linux in the desktop, I chosee the windows way because in that time, Linux is useless as a desktop solution (beautiful but useless) Ubuntu 12.04 was to heavy for my machine in that time (an intel Atom MSI u100), now I have a Core-I3 4005U two years old windows, with the meltdown-bug patch, is slower like the Atom Book with windows 7.

According the nice advice that you gave me @robb I just probe the Fedora and i like it fast and “courios” but I need support (can’t stay changing Linux every year) back to Ubuntu LTS and I have a nice surprise:

Playonlinux Helpme to run Sketchup 2016 32bit, full support hardware, I installed Netbeans, Sublime, Android Studio with one single click. 6 years the desktop is amazing and it have with zero configuration WAYLAND, it moves faster in the Intel 1G that the laptop has.

¿It’s possible to make a LTSP for Ubuntu with Nethserver?

I know in the past LTSP was available (or at least possible to make it run) on NethServer. Probably @syntaxerrormmm can help you with this.
Keep in mind that LTSP needs quite some resources (unless you are prepared to have local install of applications, but (IMO) that partly defeats the central administration you have with LTSP.