Design menu item is missing after Nextcloud update

After installing the last Nextcloud update via the Nethserver, the menu item “Design” is missing in the configuration.
And the design of the login screen was reset to the default.

Furthermore, I can no longer update an app.

NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)
Nextcloud 20.0.4


Hi Tim

The “theming” App (controlling themes) get’s deactivated during updates of Nextcloud, but doesn’t reactivate it after the update. You need to go to apps, then on the left “deactivated apps” and just reactivate the theming app. All desingn stuff you’ve done appears back as if nothing.

This has been the case for the last two updates so…

I did not have issues installing an app (or deinstalling), so I can’t comment on this - except for the fact I’ve updated 25 NethServers running Nextcloud! So this is an unusual error…

My 2 cents

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Yes, I must have suppressed that mentally. * laugh *
All I had to do was activate the theming app.
I had done that before, but at that moment I didn’t think about it anymore. Many Thanks.
However, it was not clear to me that the apps are always deactivated after an update. Now I know and I will certainly never forget it. :slight_smile:

After activating the theming app, I was able to update two apps. The “Talk” app, however, still does not.
See image.
It was only updated after three attempts.

Now everything is back to normal.

Thanks. :+1: :smiley:



I like NextCloud, use it for all my 25-30 clients… It’s also running on my home NethServer for Calenders / Contacts / Files and other stuff.

But certain things MUST be checked after each update/upgrade!

Pls. put in Solution at the bottom of the post - as original initiator of the post you’re the only who can do that. It’s sure to help other people looking to similiar issues with Nextcloud… :slight_smile:

Grüsse aus der momentanen bitter kalten Schweiz!
(Greetings from bitter cold Switzerland!)


PS: First time I too searched high and low for the theming option in administration… :slight_smile:

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Here is how you do it:


The Nethserver is like a Swiss Army Knife. I haven’t seen a similarly good distribution over the past few years. 15 years ago I used ClarkConnect for several years. The Netxcloud servers, proxy servers and email servers with AD integration are awesome. Amazing what the community does and offers for free. My Active Directory must never be completely broken, then I have a problem and nothing works.

Many greetings from Braunschweig. :slight_smile: